September/October 2017

Checklists & Training Tools

Required Documentation for Buying or Selling Debt

Mark Naiman and Jan Stieger

Due to the lack of formal proposed rules from the CFPB, which would provide much-needed clarity in the receivables management industry, the Receivables Management Association (formerly DBA International) is forced...


Collection Agency Advisor

How I Handle Federal and Private Student Loan Collections

Sam Eidson

Many are concerned that our nation is heading in the direction of another financial crisis. Almost 10 years since the great recession involving sub-prime mortgage loans, we could be facing...


Feature Stories

Exceeding Data Security Regulations

Mark Naiman and Jan Stieger

Data security is an increasingly vital component of professional collections. A large amount of data is exchanged on a regular basis, from credit reports to scrubs to sales files. Collections...


Cover Stories

Patience Wins in Medical Collections

Joshua Fluegel

Hospitals and medical professionals find themselves in a complicated situation as a simple dunning is rarely the answer in medical debt collection. Medical debt normally finds consumers at their weakest...


Technology Advisor

3 Ways to Improve Conversion of PDF and Image Files

Sam Edens

It can be argued that a large percentage of hospitals and medical facilities are using technology decades behind present-day patient and billing management systems. Agency owners are reminded of that...


Compliance Advisor

False Accusations or Real Problems?

Debra J. Ciskey

In my last article, I wrote about dispute management and the expectations of the CFPB as expressed in a special Supervisory Highlights report issued in March 2017. This article will...


Skip Tracing Advisor

4 Sources You Need to Search the Invisible Web

Ron Brown

This will be our sixth and final article in the series related to what is commonly referred to as the “the invisible web.” As I previously stated and again emphasize...


Benchmark Advisor

Sealing the Deal

Harry A. Strausser III

How solid is your relationship with your client base? Do you feel secure that you know all the players in the management team of some of your largest and most...


Legal Collection Advisor

Make Like the Cubs and Win for Collections

Fred N. Blitt

With baseball back in full swing here in 2017, there has to be an article devoted to my Cubbies’ World Series victory and the debt collection world. By way of background...


Collection Industry Advisor

Are We Abiding by "Subjective Compliance"

Nick Jarman

What's left to say; question so many debt collectors are asking themselves these days. Far too often debt collectors are being told to stop saying certain words, using certain phrases...


Software Spotlight

What's Coming in Medical Collections

Joshua Fluegel

Medical Collection Software Roundtable Medical debt collection has seen much change over the past few years. Many anticipate the changes will continue for at least a few years more. Collection professionals...