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Statement by CFPB Acting Director Mick Mulvaney

Mick Mulvaney

I commend the U.S. Senate for confirming Kathy Kraninger as the next director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Next week begins a new chapter of service in Kathy's career. The American consumer and our economy’s financial sector will benefit from her commitment, expertise, and professionalism. This last year...


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Collection Software Roundtables

How to Avoid Multi-Office Challenges

Joshua Fluegel

Congratulations! You just opened your second collection facility. Now you just need collection software. You can just recreate the same setup you have at the first location, right? Find out what today’s software vendors think you need to know before diving into a software solution that should span multiple offices. Thomas...


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Top Attorneys in Collections Reveal Challenges

Collection Advisor

Change is in the air for the accounts receivable industry. Any changes start with the creation or modification of a law regulating the industry and trickle all the way down to how best to reconcile a single transaction between a buyer and a seller. A good attorney is one that...


Legal Collection Advisor

The New CFPB and Its Faith in the American People

Michael L. Starzec

In early May, Director Mulvaney announced that the CFPB’s student loan division is being shifted to its consumer information unit in an effort to transition the agency to a vehicle that provides consumers information about their legal rights. In the ultimate act of poor timing, this decision was announced at...


Collection Industry Advisor

Batch or Manual Skip Tracing for You?

Nick Jarman

There's an age old debate on which is the most effective way to skip trace an account. The old school method is to have a collector manually skip trace an account using resources and tools provided by the collection agency. The new school method that has been around for a...


Compliance Advisor

Demonstrating You Are the Key to Patient Satisfaction

Debra J. Ciskey

America’s watchdog on competition, the FTC, says that “Competition in health care markets benefits consumers because it helps contain costs, improve quality, and encourage innovation.” (https://www. health-care) As providers seek to contain costs, we have seen decentralization of care popping up around us. For example, the number of stand-alone...