November/December 2017

Collection Agency Advisor

Working with the Modern Mortgage Consumer

Sam Eidson

Almost a decade ago the mortgage industry turned upside down. Many factors led to the crash including our economy, subprime lending and adjustable rate mortgages. As a young collector in...


Feature Stories

Mulvaney Disturbed by His Power as CFPB Acting Director

Josh Fluegel

The position of director of the CFPB seems to be settled, at least for the time being. A federal judge has refused to block the President Trump-appointment of Mick Mulvaney...


Cover Stories

Patience Wins in Medical Collections

Joshua Fluegel

Hospitals and medical professionals find themselves in a complicated situation as a simple dunning is rarely the answer in medical debt collection. Medical debt normally finds consumers at their weakest...


Technology Advisor

Rewarding Telecom Consumers to Entice Payments

Sam Edens

Great opportunities for agencies to get into the telecom market remain. The continued growth of telecommunications providers combined with loosely defined regulation in the industry has introduced a noteworthy amount...


Compliance Advisor

Leading Collectors Provide Telecom Compliance Insights

Debra J. Ciskey

The compliance world changed somewhat for telecommunications providers in the Spring of 2015 when the CFPB announced consent agreements with two of the largest wireless providers related to their billing...


Skip Tracing Advisor

Stop Searching for the Golden Bullet

Ron Brown

In today's world of cyber tracking, the tracer has many data sources from which to choose. Tracers are being constantly bombarded with claims from various data brokers indicating they have...


Benchmark Advisor

5 Ways to Keep Your Leader Ship Afloat

Harry A. Strausser III

Whether you are the CEO of an organization, a supervisor of a group of collectors, the president of a trade organization or a den mother for a local scouting pack...


Legal Collection Advisor

Supreme Court Henson Case Brings Common Sense?

Fred N. Blitt

In June, the United States Supreme Court handed down its decision in Henson v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc., holding that entities who regularly purchase debts originated by someone else and...


Collection Industry Advisor

Are We Abiding by "Subjective Compliance"

Nick Jarman

What's left to say; question so many debt collectors are asking themselves these days. Far too often debt collectors are being told to stop saying certain words, using certain phrases...


Software Spotlight

Satisfying the Many Needs of High-End Collections

Joshua Fluegel

High-End Collections Software Roundtable The needs of a high-end collection agency (1,000+ seats) are particular and numerous due to the diversity of many of these agencies’ portfolios. Collection Advisor gathered the...


Checklists & Training Tools

Required Documentation for Buying or Selling Debt

Mark Naiman and Jan Stieger

Due to the lack of formal proposed rules from the CFPB, which would provide much-needed clarity in the receivables management industry, the Receivables Management Association (formerly DBA International) is forced...