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Kraninger Announces Text and Email Rules in Weeks

American Bankers Association

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will take the next step in its effort to clarify the meaning of “abusive acts or practices” under Section 1031 of the Dodd-Frank Act, CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger said today in her first public remarks. Plans to provide clarity—long sought by ABA and other industry...


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Collection Software Roundtables

Healthcare Collections Transforms Into Customer Service

Joshua Fluegel

Healthcare debt collection entails a great amount of data for every account. In the midst of such an undertaking a collection professional may lose sight of efficiency. Perhaps certain arduous steps in day-to-day procedures could be bypassed if only certain tasks were automated or if a certain data import function...


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Debt Buying Leaders Forecast 2019 Economy Perched On the Edg…

Joshua Fluegel

The debt buying industry has found itself in the spotlight in recent years leading to numerous changes and a fair share of uncertainty. This climate has let only agencies with the most steadfast of temperaments and industry-tested of business strategy remain successful. When asked for the recent industry-changing occurrences, Matthew Maloney...


Legal Collection Advisor

3 Major Steps to Maintain Confidence in Your Compliance

Michael L. Starzec

In the modern compliance era, collection law veterans have become inured to seemingly relentless rounds of annual, bi-annual, and quarterly testing, certification and recertification exams that we take on a yearly basis. For us, compliance is used to improve your practice, modernize workflow and protect against audit failures. Indeed, it...


Collection Industry Advisor

5 Steps to a Culture That Makes Your Company Thrive

Nick Jarman

There are several key elements that separate ordinary collection organizations from extraordinary organizations, several elements that distinguish those that continually attempt to survive from those that consistently thrive. One of those main key elements is the collection organization’s culture. Culture, when defined as a verb means to “maintain in conditions...


Compliance Advisor

There are Always Bad Guys

Debra J. Ciskey

 Recorded Message “This message is intended for Diana Martinez. I received a fax order regarding a complaint that was filed against you. I have been retained to serve these documents at either your residence or place of business. If you have any questions or concerns about this complaint or wish to...


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