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Collection Agency Gives Back

Linda Guinn og CBMS

C B Merchant Services (CBMS), recently announced grants totaling $90,000 have been made to 41 non profit organizations located in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Calaveras Counties. CBMS also supports a competitive essay scholarship opportunity, administered by the CAC Educational Scholarship Foundation ( Open to all graduating seniors, scholarship funds awarded...


The Bottom Line

November/December 2019

Where to Obtain Consumer License Plate Info

Ron Brown

In the last issue we looked at a new form of cybertracking, license plate recognition or LPR, its origins and industry usage. While this new and innovative technology is a great aid to the skip trace and asset recovery industry, it raises numerous issues related to invasion of privacy. In...


Collection Software Roundtables

Shielding Collectors From TCPA and FDCPA Violations

Joshua Fluegel

The demands of regulators lead collection professionals to collect debt with the credo of “as little contact with the consumer as possible.” Every eliminated encounter with a consumer while the payment is still being collected is one less chance for a TCPA or FDCPA violation. For this reason many accounts...


Feature Stories

CollectTECH19 Brings Together the Brightest Minds in Technol…

Receivables Advisor

The convergence of the top collection professionals in accounts receivable with the top technology providers happens November 18-20 at CollectTECH19 in Ft. Worth, Texas. Several technological innovations will be introduced. With new rules for voice, text and email ready for 2020 collection professionals are pondering when it will be the...


Legal Collection Advisor

Dissecting the New World of Text and Email

Michael L. Starzec

When my wife and I were in California, she insisted on taking a picture next to the sign outside Facebook’s HQ, a sign bearing the ubiquitous “Like” icon. There, I noticed that the reverse side of the sign bore the logo of Sun Microsystems. This confounded me. Is Zuckerberg that...


Collection Industry Advisor

3 Options to Offer During Tax Season

Nick Jarman

When it comes to collecting debt, tax season is without argument the most profitable season of the year. Tax season starts at the beginning of February and wraps up in early May. February generally sees the highest return and slightly tapers off each month thereafter. One issue that can ease...


Compliance Advisor

Compliance Controls for the New Age of Collections

Debra J. Ciskey

In a “be careful what you ask for” kind of way, the CFPB has suggested in its proposed Regulation F that debt collectors may communicate with consumers in ways that consumers may prefer over telephonic communication, namely, via email and text messaging. By the time readers see this article, readers...