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Overhaul Boosts Credit Scores of Millions of Consumers

AnnaMaria Andriotis and Josh Zumbrun of The Wall Street Journal

The credit scores of millions of U.S. consumers have risen following a broad overhaul of how credit-reporting firms handle negative credit information.Consumers who had at least one collections account removed from their files experienced an 11-point increase, on average, in their credit scores, according to a report released Tuesday by...


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July/August 2018

Expert Advice from the Top 30 Collection Technology Thought …

Collection Advisor

The accounts receivable industry thrives on innovation of method and technology. This innovation first takes form in the minds of thought leaders. Collection Advisor reached out to industry leaders and colleagues to gather nominations for technology/service providers in the collection industry that strive to work side by side with professionals...


Collection Software Roundtables

Keep Electronic Payments Easy - Or Else

Joshua Fluegel

If a consumer has the means to pay an account in full, the last thing a collection professional wants to deal with is a barrier in the transaction medium. But how can a professional find a balance between ease-of-use and secure/compliant data collection? As many still struggle with this conundrum...


Feature Stories

The Changing Landscape of Commercial Collectors

Bob Ingold

I started in this field in 1979, those were known as the glory years. Plenty of business and all creditors wanted was money collected and manual written reports explaining circumstances of the debtor. We would spend Monday through Thursday calling customers and Friday reporting on our portfolio. As for legal...


Collection Agency Advisor

Legal Collection Advisor

Benefits of Legal Debt Collection on the Nation’s Economy

Michael L. Starzec

The old cliché relating to elected officials is that “all politics are local.” However, as our industry has learned with CFPB consent decrees and regulation by federal litigation, that adage seemed to have lost its meaning. Yet, Mike Mulvaney’s appointment and his recently leaked memo where he stated a legal...


Collection Industry Advisor

Batch or Manual Skip Tracing for You?

Nick Jarman

There's an age old debate on which is the most effective way to skip trace an account. The old school method is to have a collector manually skip trace an account using resources and tools provided by the collection agency. The new school method that has been around for a...


Compliance Advisor

“Reasonable Belief” Applied to Credit Repair Organizations’ Activities

Debra J. Ciskey

You have seen them by the binful, no doubt, if you are a data furnisher to credit reporting agencies. The nearly identical envelopes containing nearly identical disputes from consumers, written in such archaic language you would think they were written sometime early in the last century. Language such as: “data...