National Medical Collections Month

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Game Streamers Utilizes Debt Collection

Cecilia D'Anastasio of Kotaku

In the lawless, wild west industry that is streaming video games, and the surprising gold rush that has gamers tearing up their I-9s, an time-honored line of work is now arriving on the scene: debt collection.Forty outstanding bills sat in Omeed Dariani’s accounting system when we spoke last week. “And...


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September/October 2018

20 Most Powerful Women in Collections

Collection Advisor

Making the collection industry the best it can be requires continuing influence from the best and brightest collection professionals. Those who wield this power of change must not only maintain it but utilize their wisdom to determine what is best for their peers and consumers. Of the 140,000 professionals in collections...


Collection Software Roundtables

How to Avoid Multi-Office Challenges

Joshua Fluegel

Congratulations! You just opened your second collection facility. Now you just need collection software. You can just recreate the same setup you have at the first location, right? Find out what today’s software vendors think you need to know before diving into a software solution that should span multiple offices. Thomas...


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Expert Advice from the Top 30 Collection Technology Thought …

Collection Advisor

The accounts receivable industry thrives on innovation of method and technology. This innovation first takes form in the minds of thought leaders. Collection Advisor reached out to industry leaders and colleagues to gather nominations for technology/service providers in the collection industry that strive to work side by side with professionals...


Collection Agency Advisor

Legal Collection Advisor

4 Critical Questions Commercial Collectors Should Be Asking

Michael L. Starzec

From a distance, commercial collections appear to be just another collection file, the way a Thoroughbred and a Clydesdale are both horses, just that one races and the other hauls Budweiser. However, that would be a mistake. Commercial and consumer debt are as different as a horse and a zebra. Commercial...


Collection Industry Advisor

Batch or Manual Skip Tracing for You?

Nick Jarman

There's an age old debate on which is the most effective way to skip trace an account. The old school method is to have a collector manually skip trace an account using resources and tools provided by the collection agency. The new school method that has been around for a...


Compliance Advisor

What Constitutes a Deceptive Practice?

Debra J. Ciskey

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection recently issued its annual report on the FDCPA (Report), including input provided by the Federal Trade Commission related to complaints and enforcement issues. These agencies continue to share responsibility for FDCPA enforcement. While the report contains many pages of data about collection industry demographics...