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Reducing Costs While Improving Service

  • Written by Heather Taylor

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Reducing Costs While Improving ServiceConsultation Review Request 

Commonwealth Financial Systems Inc., is a growing regional collection agency based in Pa. In 2009 they considered several collection letter providers with two primary goals: they wanted a collaborative, strategic partner who understood their unique needs and they wanted to reduce their overall collection letter costs.

"It seems counterintuitive to expect more attentive, engaged customer service and pay less for it, but that was our goal," says John Kotula, CFSI's president.

DANTOM partnered with CFSI long before the first data file was sent. The implementation followed a detailed project plan to ensure consistency regardless of who was completing specific tasks. The implementation was led by Linda Woodward, DANTOM's enterprise project director, who is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute.

CFSI was assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative and Sales Representative who learned the goals, needs and unique strengths of the organization. A relationship was built over time enabling the DANTOM team to provide even better service that aligns with CFSI's goals and business model. 

Over an 18 month period, CFSI realized a 15 percent savings on its collection letter costs. DANTOM employed multiple tools to achieve these significant savings that went straight to CFSI's bottom line. Using the National Change of Address and Address Element Correction from the USPS, CFSI suppressed letters that were known to be undeliverable. Removing these letters before they were printed and mailed, eliminated costs that would otherwise have been a waste of money.

In addition to saving the cost of a wasted letter, CFSI was informed of the need to locate a good address. Instead of waiting weeks for return mail to arrive, CFSI can now maximize the window of opportunity for collection.

Additional savings were achieved through DANTOM's ICL Letter Householding service which combines multiple letters to one responsible party in a single envelope.

Today, CFSI is delighted in the ongoing partnership with DANTOM Systems and on the positive impact to their bottom line. "Our entire organization has been impressed with the DANTOM team and their ability to achieve both goals."