Allstate Insurance $6.5 Million Settlement Over Fax TCPA Violation

By way of background, most TCPA classes look at broad populations containing consenting and non-consenting class members alike. Recognizing the impossibility of identifying those few “needles in a haystack” that actually have valid TCPA claims lurking within the broader class population, settlements of such cases generally come in within $3.00 - $5.00 a class member.

Occasionally, however, through luck or perseverance a consumer lawyer will stumble upon a class that is actually certifiable and ascertainable, obtain all the data needed on the class, and force a Defendant to the table in a big-dollar resolution. That is apparently what happened in a recent junk fax TCPA class action against Allstate Insurance Company, and the result was remarkable–a $6.5MM settlement in favor of a class receiving a mere 17,422 faxes; that amounts to $375.00 per fax, per class member–one of the largest per class member settlements in TCPA history.

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