Gillespie Emphasizes Success of Avatar During Pandemic

  • Written by Steel Rose
    • Tom Gillespie, President of Access Receivables Management spoke with Mike Ginsberg about how his firm has responded to the pandemic. Gillespie said this current crisis gives him hope compared to the economic crash in 2008. He explained how injecting money in the economy is unprecedented. Putting money back into the economy didn't happen in 2008. It was a bailout of the banks. Gillespie said, "State governments have put some collections on hold, but he sees those coming back." 
    • Gillespie moved his entire firm to work remotely in the middle of March. All employees are remote except for two. "I haven't missed a single phone call," he said. Gillespie said he has WatchGuard on the computers and employees have daily Zoom meetings. "Productivity has improved," he said. Gillespie sees this model becoming the new normal."Having employees who are united," is the key, he said. "What is going to happen as a result of this is this model is [collections] will get back to becoming desirable as a career," Gillespie said. Gillespie has seen self-cure of past dues improve using Zoey, the Avatar he was a pioneer in implementing.
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