Creditors Would Be Collectors w/ 10x Damages Available in $3T House Bill

  • Written by Steel Rose

Well its a new week so there’s a new Coronavirus bill floating around–this time a House-drafted bill that affords $3 trillion in relief to consumers and businesses impacted by COVID 19. (A trillion here, a trillion there–sooner or later it starts to add up.)

This thing is massive–1815 pages total–and I’ll admit I merely skimmed part of it. But I dug into the key components and there is much to report. If you want to read the rest of it you can find it here. Also a one-page summary of the HEROES Act can be seen here. A more detailed, 90-page summary can be seen here. A summary of the HEROES Act’s provisions for state, territorial and local governments can be seen here. Enjoy!

This thing could be a really big deal if it passes in its current form. (It has not yet passed the House and is expected to be voted on this Friday.) There are a large number of changes to FCRA–the team will cover that shortly–but one really big proposed change is an amendment to the Fair Debt Collection Practices act: a new Section 812A would be added entitled “Restrictions on collections of consumer debt during a national disaster or emergency.”  And yeah, it sounds like just what it is.

So here’s the lead– creditors would be subject to the FDCPA’s emergency restrictions and would be barred from collecting on their own debts. By Eric Troutman in The National Law Review, to read more, click here.