As States Re-open They Look to Contact Tracers

  • Written by Steel Rose

As governors seek to reopen states after coronavirus shutdowns, many talk about the need to hire contact tracers to contain the virus. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo predicts he will need between 6,400 and 70,000 contact tracers, according to the LA Times. Last month, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker promised to hire 1,000 workers setting aside $44 million for the effort.

Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee said his state plans to train 1,900 contact tracers. In Indiana, officials announced having 500 trained contact tracers in place in the weeks ahead.

To learn more about how agencies could help we contacted the king of tracers, Ron Brown. Brown said, the goal is to, "Trace it back to number 1." If you test positive for Covid, the question is, "Who you have contacted and then who were they in contact with," Brown suggested. "lt would be easy enough to do." You use your skills to make contact and then ask, Who have you contacted? "You find out the cleaning people came over or the patient took a trip and you track those," Brown advised. "Will the people give you the information? It would be like skip tracing in that regard. It is back to old time phone contact. You need Internet contact skills, cyber tracking skills and phone contact skills," Brown said, before adding, "our office is locked down but we haven't missed a day of work."