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Ten Ideas for Collection Emails That Get Results

  • Written by Steel Rose
  1. Address it Strategically: Be sure that the collection email is sent to the right person in the position that can handle your request. Whenever possible, it should be addressed to a specific individual.
  1. Be Specific: Focus on the issues that you need them to address. Leave out information not relevant to the issues or what you are asking for.
  1. Be Professional: Check your spelling and grammar before you hit the send button. Poorly written emails with misspelled words will make your request less credible and may lead to confusion and delay.
  1. Format effectively: Be brief. Make it easy for the reader to grasp what you need from them. Think of font size, use paragraph breaks, headings, and sub-headings to catch their eye and lead them to the key points you are trying to get across.
  1. Don't Make them Ask for Details: Be proactive and attach all relevant supporting documentation. This will speed up the collections process while avoiding the delaying tactics of customers, who keep asking for invoice copies or other relevant documentation in order to stall for time.
  1. Tell Them What You Need: Clearly state the action that you want the customer to take.

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