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Collection Agency Denver County Court Uses Can't Pursue Balances Under $300

  • Written by Steel Rose

After a two-week interruption to that work, the Denver City Council on Monday approved a contract with a debt collection agency that pursues people that owe past due fines, fees and restitution ordered in Denver County Court cases. The contract, a two-year extension with the company Integral Recoveries, left one specific element out that court staff has previously asked the council to approve. Integral will not be given the capability to go after people who owe totals of $300 or less.

The pared-back contract comes as the city of Denver prepares to join a national effort to analyze local fees and fines and assess their impact on social and economic justice, according to Councilwoman Jamie Torres. Integral has been handling collections on delinquent accounts for Denver County Court since 2009. Its previous contract was extended in 2020 but expired on Feb. 1 of this year.

Court Administrator Kristin Wood brought a two-year extension to the council for approval in late March but the vote was delayed after Torres raised concerns about the amendment to the contract that would have allowed Integral to pursue those smaller balances. The contract came back before the council on April 4.

Wood explained at the April 4 meeting that all past due totals had previously been part of collection efforts but when the court extended its deal with Integral in 2020 it scaled back the work due to budget cuts. Difficulties with programming the court’s and Integral’s system to process amounts under $300 led to those accounts being left out for two years. The two sides were ready to move forward with system upgrades that would allow all past due balances to be eligible for collections again. To read more click here.