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Picking Apart the Validation Notice Requirements

  • Written by Steel Rose

Collection agencies should begin reviewing their debt validation notices, ascertain their ability to use the Model Form and what, changes, will need to be in preparation for the November 30, 2021 effective date.  Among other things:

  • All letters should be reviewed and adjusted to comply with the Rule and the agencies should begin coordinating with their letter vendors to ensure a smooth transition on November 30, 2021;
  • Agencies should begin reviewing and assessing how they will deliver validation notices- will they take advantage of electronic means or will they continue to send validation notices via mail;
  • Agencies should begin discussing and coordinating with their first party clients the itemization date and what additional information will need to be provided to the agency at placement to ensure compliance with Section 1006.34’s new validation requirements;
  • Agencies should begin reviewing and assessing applicable state disclosure requirements to ascertain their impact on the agency’s ability to use the Safe Harbor Validation Notice and what adjustments, if any, will need to be made to address the same; and
  • Once the agency has its validation notice in final form, all agencies should consider a final compliance review of the notice to ensure the agency is aware of any heightened litigation risks or errors.  To read more click here