Comtech, a worldwide leader in collection software, releases Collect! Version 13 (CV13) to deal with new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Regulation F requirements. Collect! Version 13 is an overlay of the prior Version 12, allowing agencies to continue collecting exactly as before until they invoke new CV13 functionalities.

Collect! users retain all data and customizations during updates and upgrades. This feature enables users to transfer their data, automations, configurations and customizations from CV12 to CV13 to take advantage of the additional screens, fields, reports and functionalities for Reg F provided by CV13. Dedicated Reg F enhancements include:

  • Dedicated forms and fields for Reg F required data
  • Additional user-defined fields
  • Enhanced dispute tracking attachment
  • Contact analytic engine
  • Contact control engine
  • Workflow analysis reports
  • Model Form B-1 Validation Notice letter template

Collect! software is supported in both Cloud and Premise deployments.

About Comtech:

Comtech is a privately held company based in Victoria, BC, Canada and currently supports 520 installations globally. Founded in 1995, Comtech has provided cost-effective and modular solutions with over twenty years of collection experience and best practice solutions to the collection industry. Comtech offers its Collect! Collection Platform Product for both large and smaller users in both hosted and premise versions.

Contact: Barbara Newton, Director of Operations, 800-661-6722