The debt collection profession is wide open to influence from anyone. Fortunately there are only those who collect it but consumers who wish to resolve it. Collection Advisor salutes the women who work for this cause and present them as the Most Influential Women in Collections. Women on this list work toward the perfection of debt collection, improvement of the industry and the promotion of compliance education. Evidence of this ongoing influence canbe found in collection agencies, law firms, presentations at trade shows and their proactive efforts in trade organizations.

What is true in collections is true in many of life’s endeavors, you get out of something what you put in to it. Accordingly, the Most Influential Women in Collections provide their response to the question, “What opportunities has collections offered you?”


Executive Director, CCO | Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, INC.
Vice President | Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association
"The opportunity to lead a team through difficult and ever-changing circumstances, while projecting a positive and hopeful outlook. I am so proud to be in debt collections, a noble career, helping the economy and consumers for the greater good.”


Managing Partner | Spiwak & Iezza, LLP
“For 30 years I have gotten to be a hero to my clients with unpaid receivables and defaulted loans which are seriously jeopardizing their businesses. I am able to recover their money and right the wrong done to them. My career as a collection attorney has been an amazing journey!”

sangalang marianMARIAN SANGALANG

Vice President | The Bureaus, Inc.
“The collection industry has offered me extensive personal growth as well as the opportunity to be noticed for quality performance as a collector and an executive.”

bender leslieLESLIE BENDER

Vice President/Government Affairs & General Counsel | ARS National Services Inc.
“The collections profession has afforded me the chance to work with consumers, lawmakers and credit/collections professionals by helping them navigate challenging privacy and consumer financial protection regulations and laws.”

strickler nicoleNICOLE M. STRICKLER

Shareholder | Messer, Stilp & Strickler, Ltd.
“The collection industry has off ered the opportunity to develop my legal and compliance skills while growing relationships with some of the brightest and driven professionals in consumer finance.”


General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer | Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC
“I enjoy applying my experience in legal ethics to business and the opportunity to represent and lobby on behalf of the collection industry and small business.”

jackman stefanie hSTEFANIE H. JACKMAN

Partner | Ballard Spahr LLP
“My collections work offers me opportunities to assist my clients in crafting practical, efficient solutions to address evolving regulatory expectations and increasingly complex compliance challenges.”

sinsley barbaraBARBARA A. SINSLEY

Senior V.P., Legal & Regulatory, Chief Compliance Officer Resurgent | Capital Services, LP
“It has allowed me to learn from great women, namely, Alane Becket and Joann Needleman. Without their support, it would have been a dull ride.”

ciskey debraDEBRA J. CISKEY

Chief Compliance Officer | Wakefield and Associates, Inc.
“Collaborative development of creative and immediately applicable training for compliance professionals and innovative leadership through industry governance transitions highlight opportunities I have experienced in the collection industry.”


Partner of Creditors’ Rights and Collections | Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP
“I represent creditors, which often puts me at odds with good, decent people who are simply unable to pay their bills. I have built a positive reputation with judges, court personnel, opposing attorneys, and pro se litigants.”

needleman joannJOANN NEEDLEMAN

Member and Leader of the Consumer Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance Practice | Clark Hill
“The collections industry has allowed me to work with some of the smartest and most innovative women. Their collaboration has helped me elevate my game.”

bohling ladonnaLADONNA BOHLING

Vice President of Call Center Operations | Contract Callers, Inc.
“Collections has expanded my knowledge of our economy. Gaining collection effects and perspectives from Consumers, Creditors, and Regulators has made me a better business person.”

anuk amyAMY ANUK

SVP of Business Development, Chair of Women@Encore | Encore Capital Group
“My role in the industry enables me to act as a change agent to help consumers get back on a path to financial well-being.”

coleman juneJUNE D. COLEMAN

Shareholder | Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard
“The collection industry has offered me the opportunity to develop my skills as a litigation strategist, especially with class actions while balancing the expense of litigation.”

becket alaneALANE A. BECKET

Managing Partner | Becket & Lee LLP
“Through my career in collections, I have met the smartest, professional and most loyal women; some of whom I consider my closest friends and advisors.”


Collections and Asset Recovery Partner | Kelley Kronenberg
“As a collections attorney, and a leader in NARCA, I enjoy a challenging and rewarding career that provides countless opportunities to learn, guide, and collaborate with other collections professionals.”

burnette laurenLAUREN M. BURNETTE

Managing Attorney, Florida Office | Barron &Newburger, P.C.
“Representing collection professionals in this fast-paced, constantly evolving regulatory environment has allowed me to contribute to the growth of an industry that is more compliant than ever before.”


Partner | Akerman LLP
“Representing ARM organizations has given me the opportunity to advocate, educate and lobby in what is now a truly evolving area of the law.”

phan kimKIM PHAN

Of Counsel | Ballard Spahr LLP
“The chance to help collection companies, that are a vital part of the economy, navigate the challenges of heightened scrutiny in the current regulatory environment.”

badger wendyWENDY BADGER

Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President, Corporate Compliance | ECMC Group
“The collection industry has provided me opportunities to impact and influence the broader discipline of compliance and work with and learn from incredible, passionate people.”

dreifuerst kayeKAYE M. DREIFUERST

President | Security Credit Services, LLC
Board of Directors, Served as President 2015-2016 | DBA International
“The collection profession has allowed me to utilize my problem solving skills and teach/coach others how to help consumers solve problems.”

hanson tinaTINA HANSON

CEO | Protocol Financial Service, LLC
“The collection industry has provided me the opportunity to meet some of the most talented people with amazing experiences and build friendships that will last a lifetime.”

cohen jenniferJENNIFER S. COHEN, ESQ.

Partner & Practice Group Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions | SLG FIRM, LLC
“Collections has given me opportunity to work with honest, ethical and smart business people and help advise them as they traverse the ever-changing regulatory environment.”

sebrell cindyCINDY L. SEBRELL

Vice President, Public Affairs | ACA International
“This industry offers me the opportunity to be a strong national-level voice for businesses often misunderstood and misrepresented in the media and on Capitol Hill.”

baker roxanneROXANNE S. BAKER

President | Coast Professional, Inc.
“Building and leading a corporate family where I am able to help them grow personally and professionally is the greatest opportunity collections has offered me.”

In summation of such a stellar group, DBA International President (2015- 2016) Kaye M. Dreifuerst was correct in stating, “Our industry provides hope and options for consumers allowing many to move forward with their lives and commitments. I’m personally proud of our profession and the paths that we continue to forge through educational programs and assistance!”