Fit Small Business' Best Auto Dialer Software for 2018

phoneAuto dialer software lets your business automatically dial a list of phone numbers, which helps to improve the efficiency and focus of your phone representatives. The basic premise of the software is simple, but different options can vary in how they manage calls and the additional features they offer. We looked at the most popular options and rising stars and decided to review ChaseData, Velocify, and Five9. These companies covered the range of options for small businesses in terms of price and included features.

Best Auto Dialer Software for Small Businesses: ChaseData

We recommend ChaseData as the best auto dialer software for small businesses because it is the most affordable solution of those we reviewed and it also offers basic inbound call center features in addition to outbound auto dialing.

  ChaseData Velicity Five9
Best For Most small businesses who require a basic contact center Sales teams that are focused on following up on leads generated online Growing businesses that require a more fully featured contact center
Pricing as Reviewed $95/month per user $100/month per user plus $0.015/minute $185/month per user
Ease of Use Easy Easy Easy
Dial Patterns Preview, Progressive Preview Preview, Progressive, Predictive
Pre-recorded Messages X X
Pre-recorded Voicemails X
Mass Texting X X
Email Tools X
Call Recording
Call Monitoring X
Auto Attendant with Interactive Voice Response X
Automatic Call Distribution X
Skills-Based Call Routing X
Customer Support Online knowledge base, live chat, email, and phone support available 8am - 6pm EST, Monday to Friday Online knowledge base, email, and phone support available 6am - 6pm PST, Monday to Friday Online knowledge base, email, and phone support available 24/7


Best Auto Dialer Software for Small Businesses: ChaseData

We recommend ChaseData as the best auto dialer software for small businesses because the auto dialing feature comes included as a part of a larger blended call center solution at a very competitive price.

ChaseData is a complete cloud-based call center solution, which also includes an auto dialing feature with preview and progressive dialing included in their lowest priced package and predictive dialing in their two higher priced packages.

ChaseData includes a range of other features that make it a complete blended call center solution, such as:

- Auto attendant with interactive voice response (IVR)
- Automatic call distribution (ACD)
- Skills-based call routing
- Remote agent support
- Digital call reporting

The solution also offers businesses the flexibility to contact their customers with text messages, emails, web chat, or through social media platforms.

In comparison, Velocify offers an excellent auto dialing solution but it can’t compare to ChaseData’s end-to-end call center features. Five9 can, but it’s priced significantly higher.

Where ChaseData lacks as an auto dialer is that it only offers predictive dialing in its higher priced plans, but subscribing to one of these plans will close the price gap between ChaseData and Five9 — which is ChaseData’s primary advantage.


Best Auto Dialer Software for Lead Management: Velocify

We recommend Velocify as the best auto dialer software for lead management. This product integrates with your existing phone system and aggregates leads from webforms, marketing automation systems, and other lead providers. From there you can distribute leads to your salespeople and place them into a campaign that includes automated texts and emails, as well as scheduled calls.

Velocify’s positioning as a lead management solution places its auto dialing software in a different market than ChaseData’s and Five9’s, which are bundled with their cloud-based contact center solutions. Velocify provides basic call center functionality, but that’s not its core competency.

Velocify’s auto dialing software, called Dial-IQ, is available as an add-on to their lead management platform and is built specifically for sales teams. Features like click-to-dial, pre-recorded voicemails, and inbound/outbound call blending help to improve the efficiency of your sales representatives. As well, local presence (the ability to make your call appear like it’s coming from a local phone number) increases the likelihood of your calls connecting by 42%.

Velocify is an effective lead management solution that includes auto dialing functionality. This will serve the needs of sales teams that are following up on leads generated online well, but if you’re looking for a more fully-featured contact center solution then it’s missing some key features like auto attendants with IVR, ACD, and skills-based call routing. In these cases, ChaseData and Five9 offer more suitable solutions.


Another Contact Center with Auto Dialer Software: Five9

Five9 is another cloud-based contact center solution, similar to ChaseData, that also includes the ability to auto dial. Five9 offers a few more features than ChaseData, such as predictive dialing and pre-recorded messages, but at a significantly higher cost.

Five9 is a more fully featured contact center solution than ChaseData, albeit with a higher price to match. Businesses can use it to manage inbound, outbound, blended or multi-channel operations.

Some of the features it offers include:

- IVR with speech recognition
- Multi-channel ACD
- Customer relationship management (CRM) integrations
- Workforce optimization
- Call recording and monitoring
- Agent scripting

As well as preview, progressive, and predictive auto dialing.

And because it’s cloud-based, your contact center can be operational quickly and easily — all your agents require are a computer, an internet connection, and a headset. Five9 can also scale as your business grows, adapting to changing needs like seasonal demands, remote agents, and peak call times.

Five9 is the most complete end-to-end contact center solution that we reviewed, but it’s also the most expensive. Exact pricing is only available by consultation and quote; however, based on our research, Five9’s outbound calling service starts at approximately $185/month per user.

If your business’ primary need is comprehensive contact center software that includes auto dialing functionality, then it may be the most economical option to meet all of your needs. However, if you’re in the market for an auto dialer that also includes basic contact center functionality, then ChaseData is a much more affordable option.


In-Depth Review: ChaseData vs Velocify vs Five9


ChaseData offers three pricing plans — Small Business for $95/month per user, Professional for $145/month per user, and Enterprise for $175/month per user. The Professional and Enterprise plans offer more features, but we found the Small Business plan to be more than suitable for most small business needs. Here is how they compare.

  Small Business Professional Enterprise
Dial Patterns Preview, Progressive Preview, Progressive, Predictive Preview, Progressive, Predictive, Agentless
Call Conference, Hold, Transfer, and Monitor
Call Recording Storage 3 months 6 months 1 year
Auto Attendant, IVR, and ACD
Skills Based Routing
Remote Agent Support
Trainee Mode X
Pre-recorded Voicemails X X
Salesforce API X X
Third Party Integrations X


Velocify’s auto dialing feature, Dial-IQ, is offered as an add-on to their lead management program so there are multiple pricing combinations possible. LeadManager comes in two tiers — Standard for $60/month per user and Advanced for $95/month per user. Dial-IQ is then an additional $40/month per user.

Velocify’s Standard LeadManager package includes the following:

- Lead prioritization automatically organizes your leads to optimize for conversion based on best practice criteria and strategies
- Smart communication tools such as email alerts, drip-email marketing, and automated SMS outreach to keep your teams in conversation with potential customers via the right channel
- Distribution control preset rules route leads, ensuring none fall through the cracks
- Workflow management including pre-configured contact and follow-up strategies to ensure a consistent sales process

And the Advanced package adds the following:

- Access leads on the go with iPad and iPhone apps that allow access for employees who are mobile or working outside of business hours
- Integration with API/XML poster to easily share data with third party systems


Five9 doesn’t publish their pricing on their website; exact pricing is only available by consultation and quote. However, based on our research, their outbound calling service, which includes auto dialing, starts at approximately $185/month per user.


Ease of Use

Because this guide is reviewing the best auto dialing software, we will focus this section on that feature specifically rather than the additional contact center and lead management features that come with each option. The Features section below will cover each software’s unique features more in-depth.

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