Intriguing TCPA Adequacy Decision Illustrates Close-Knit Nature of TCPA Class Action Community

  • Written by Eric J. Troutman for The National Law Review

TCPA litigation is big business. TCPA class lawyers make millions for the right case and competition for good leads is fierce.

As I have said many times, however, TCPA class litigation is among the most complex and nuanced out there and pitfalls abound both in pursuing and defending these actions. It is not just high-end TCPA defense lawyers that are in hot demand, therefore, but top TCPA class lawyers too find themselves wanted in more cases than they can safely take on.

One class lawyer of relatively high repute is Keith Keogh. Although he’s had his run ins with a couple of courts—the District of Minnesota once found his client had “distort[ed]” the evidentiary record in pursuing a certification motion, see Ung v. Universal Acceptance Corp. 249 F. Supp. 3d 985, n. 3 (D. Minn. 2017) and his engagement letter had to be modified before he could be approved as class counsel in Lanteri v. Credit Protection Asst.—he has also successfully shepherded a number of TCPA class actions through to successful resolutions including arguably the best (from plaintiff’s perspective) TCPA settlement in history.

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