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Jay Gonslaves talks About Staying Producitve During COVID in Ginsberg Interview

  • Written by Steel Rose

In an interview with the president and owner of Action Collection Agencies, Jay Gonsalves, Gonsalves and Mike Ginsberg sit down to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business in the collection industry. 

Action Collection Agencies specializes in healthcare utility management and does most of their business out of Massachusetts. Gonsalves discusses how the state's rules for COVID-19 have affected his business. They were deemed to have essential workers so their collectors were able to continue talking to consumers, however they made the decision to transition to remote working. 

Gonsalves explains that although the challenges of this pandemic have been tough, some good has come out of it. He says, “Collectors have been able to form new relationships with their consumers as they connect with each other in new ways.” Gonsalves explains how important a role collectors are playing in this economy as they are also serving as a financial advisor of sorts to their clients and consumers. 

Gonsalves says his company is using some of the free time they have to make needed improvements to their website and install new technology. He explains how doing tasks like these is important for companies to combat inertia in these times. 

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