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Hunstein Cases Are Pouring In: What the Allegations Look Like

  • Written by Steel Rose

A week since Hunstein was decided over a dozen class action filings have poured in.

Names like Portfolio Recovery Associates, Financial Recovery Services, Allianceone Receivables Management, Jefferson Capital Systems and Convergent Outsourcing have all been hit in putative class actions early in the week– I have a pile more complaints that I have yet to review.

Here are some complaints so you know what the allegations look like:

(01) Complaint [2021-04-27](

1) Class action complaint

(1) Complaint — Kastern v FRS

(1) Class action complaint (Borges v JPA)

(1) Complaint — Valentin v PRA

No complaints against creditors or first-party servicers that I have seen yet (if you see one let me know!)

The Plaintiff’s bar has vowed to file a massive number of Hunstein claims calling it like “shooting fish in a barrel.” Indeed one Plaintiff’s lawyer I talked to told me to expect an “avalanche” of these cases. To read more click here