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Letter Written by ChatGPT Collects $109,500

  • Written by Steel Rose

The ability of chatbot platforms like ChatGPT to produce content with human precision is transforming the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, everyone is discussing the potential of technology to make life easier for people. For Greg Isenberg, who claims to have used the site to retrieve his money from a client who refused to pay him, the usefulness of ChatGPT advanced. "Consider a multi-billion client who declined to pay you for excellent work completed. Most folks would seek legal counsel; I choose ChatGPT. Isenberg wrote in a Twitter thread, "Here's the tale of how I recovered $109,500 without paying a cent in legal fees. Isenberg mentioned that his business created several designs for a well-known brand, and the brand praised the designs. They allegedly began being ghosted by the brand after their communication abruptly halted. 

 "I've been requested to fill in by our finance and operations staff. I had thought before I sent another email that would go unanswered or hired a pricey attorney to start the debt collection process. What if ChatGPT created a scarier email to get people's attention? And Isenberg.
 He approached this with the mindset of a student, believing that ChatGPT would cost him nothing but that a lawyer sending legal notice would at least set him back $1,000. So as to get the $109,500 owing to us, "we got ChatGPT to pretend to compose "a threatening collection email," " he added. To read more click here.