The Governor of Tennessee signed into law HB 2320 (the “Act”), which will amend pleading requirements for consumer debt suits and garnishment exemptions. The Act would require that, in a civil suit or arbitration requesting judgment on a consumer debt, the plaintiff creditor would provide the following in the initial pleading: (i) if the debtor’s agreement does not exist, then provide written evidence of the debtor’s agreement or a document provided to the debtor while the account was active; (ii) a statement that the debt has been transferred or assigned; (iii) the date of the transfer or assignment; (iv) the name of any prior holders of the debt; and (v) the name or a description of the original creditor. Additionally, the Act will amend Tennessee’s garnishment provisions to automatically exempt them from execution, seizure, or attachment funds up to $2,500 in a debtor’s deposit account with a bank or financial institution. To read more click here.