The convergence of the top collection professionals in accounts receivable with the top technology providers happens November 18-20 at CollectTECH19 in Ft. Worth, Texas. Several technological innovations will be introduced. With new rules for voice, text and email ready for 2020 collection professionals are pondering when it will be the primary process for collections. Citibank and others have forecast up to 50% in banking staff reduction in five years due to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

4IR refers to how technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things are merging with our physical lives in the form of voice-activated assistants, facial ID recognition and digital health-care sensors.

4IR is also called the post-digital era which is confusing because Digital Assistants like Alexa and Siri are still evolving.

Just like Artificial Intelligence is a broad term to describe the more specific benefits of machine learning, CollectTECH19 comes along to make practical the over-generalized predictions which will make 2020 a pivotal year to re-invent collections.

For example, CollectTECH19 predicts text and email will become the primary methods for collecting past due debts with-in five years.

Helping to distill what will be transitional technology and what will be more reliable the CollectTECH19 speaker line up continues to expand.

eswarmaoorthy gandhiTwo new additions to the presenter lineup are K (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy, CFPB Program Manager for Debt Collections and LaDonna Bohling, Chief Compliance Officer of Contract Callers.

Prior to joining the CFPB, Eswaramoorthy was Senior Director of Collections and Recovery Policy and Strategy at Citi Cards. Prior to Citi, Gandhi spent several years at Barclays Card, Chase Card Services and American Express. Collectively, he has more than 25 years of experience working in all aspects of credit card risk management including risk modeling, account management, collections and recovery policy and strategy.

bohling ladonnaBohling has managed call center operations for over 20 years and was recently named ACA International’s 2019 Certified Instructor of the Year.

Bohling was named one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Collections by Collection Advisor magazine in 2016 and Who’s Who in Compliance by Collection Advisor magazine in 2018. Bohling will be joining John H. Bedard, Jr. to discuss how the latest innovations in speech analytics improve revenue and compliance.