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Mulvaney Disturbed by His Power as CFPB Acting Director

  • Written by Josh Fluegel

The position of director of the CFPB seems to be settled, at least for the time being. A federal judge has refused to block the President Trump-appointment of Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the CFPB. The CFPB’s website acknowledges Mulvaney as the acting director while the Cordray-appointed Leandra English currently holds the title of deputy director.

After Cordray recently resigned as director of the CFPB, a struggle for the vacancy erupted between English and Mulvaney. English filed suit against the Trump administration citing the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act lays out a succession plan for the director authorizing the deputy director to hold the position until a White House nominee is confirmed by the Senate. It has been suggested Cordray is likely poising himself to run for Governor of Ohio.

Mulvaney and the Trump administration have been vocal about their objection to the CFPB’s lack of accountability. At a press conference after his first day in the position, Mulvaney commented, “I’m just learning about the powers that I have as acting director. They would frighten most of you.”

“If you’ve really studied the constitutional nature of our government, if you’ve studied the way bureaucracy is supposed to work, it would both frighten and disturb you that this agency is as independent as it is,” Mulvaney added. “And it doesn’t surprise me, by the way, to the extent we are having a succession challenge as lodged by Ms. English. It isn’t surprising that that grows out of an agency that thinks it’s not accountable to anybody in the first place.”