National SOC Month

5 Ways to Improve Your Reputation Among Clients

  • Written by Collection Advisor

Tennis player Andre Agassi once marketed a Canon camera with the slogan, “Image is Everything.” For any collection agency, “Reputation is everything”

Agencies are obligated to protect their own reputation in order to protect their clients reputation. Here are 5 positive steps you can take to improve you image and your reputation at the same time.

• Produce a video for your website to tell the world the important part you play in a credit-based economy.

• Write an article about how important compliant recovery is to you

• Write a press release about a recent accomplishment of your agency

• Find and implement a Reputation Guide Checklist

• Participate in an A/R Pro Best Practices Forum with other leaders.

Fortunately, Collection Advisor has made all of the resources required to take these steps available with the A/R Pro Network.

As Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build reputation on what you’re going to do.” Take the first proactive step to build your reputation before someone else destroys it. Unite with other collection professionals to make the reputation of our industry stronger.