May/June 2017

Checklists & Training Tools

A Map to Online Skip Tracing Data

Joshua Fluegel

There is no correct way to scour the Internet for data on a consumer. The troubling thing about this is that means there isn’t exactly a defined wrong way to...


Collection Agency Advisor

How to Get Into Municipal Utility Collection

Sam Eidson

There are many financial products agencies collect on and each one of them requires an acquired niche. One of the most unique products in the collection industry is public and...


Feature Stories

Transforming Government Collections into Customer Service

Joshua Fluegel

The struggle to juggle both consumer and client relations is a very real one in government collections. The scrutinizing eye of the government in government collections is validated by the...


Cover Stories

Focus on Skip Tracing to Reach Ultimate Goal

Joshua Fluegel

Focus allows a collection professional to surpass all distraction and obstacles to achieve the ultimate goal: collect on an account. However, determining on what to focus on and how best...


Technology Advisor

3 Ways to Wow Governments (And Everyone) With Your Tech

Sam Edens

In 2010, the framework for massive technology updates in healthcare was set in motion. It started with the introduction of the health insurance marketplace for the public sector. This resulted...


Compliance Advisor

Preventing Cracks In Your Compliance Management System

Debra J. Ciskey

In 2016, the CFPB celebrated its fifth birthday; half a decade; more than 1,500 employees; more than a million complaints in the complaint database. The CFPB is now finding its...


Skip Tracing Advisor

Key Search Engines of the Invisible Web

Ron Brown

In this issue, we will once again continue to explore the web data provided by several websites located on what is commonly referred to as the “invisible web.” As I...


Benchmark Advisor

5 Ways to Land Clients Like a Large Agency

Harry A. Strausser III

There is a recurring theme in many of the management level programs I conduct. I hear it often, and as basic as the concept is to the survival of any...


Legal Collection Advisor

CFPB Lawsuit Symptom of Dissatisfied Students

Fred N. Blitt

In January 2017, the CFPB took aim at Navient, the nation’s largest servicer of student loans, when it filed a complaint alleging it created obstacles to repayment by providing bad...


Collection Industry Advisor

Secrets of Government Collections From an Industry Leader

Nick Jarman

If there is one entity that has a leg up on the competition when it comes to getting their debts repaid, it would be the government. Whether the debt is...


Software Spotlight

Ensuring Easy Use and Support

Joshua Fluegel

Small Office Collection Software Roundtable The demands of compliance and the workload in general can put great strain on a small collection office’s valuable yet limited bandwidth. Collection software can ease...