July/August 2017

Checklists & Training Tools

Required Documentation for Buying or Selling Debt

Mark Naiman and Jan Stieger

Due to the lack of formal proposed rules from the CFPB, which would provide much-needed clarity in the receivables management industry, the Receivables Management Association (formerly DBA International) is forced...


Collection Agency Advisor

The Step-By-Step of Commercial Collections

Sam Eidson

Almost ten years into my collection career I was introduced to commercial collections. I was given the opportunity to collect for a postage meter provider and heavy equipment leasing company...


Feature Stories

Prevent Windows 10 Spying

Collection Advisor

According to a recent article by CPA J. Carlton Collins in the Journal of Accountancy, your Windows 10 software could be recording your every keystroke and word spoken within earshot...


Cover Stories

Protecting Your Business in Commercial Collections

T. Steel Rose

Collecting and taking legal action against a business in commercial collections is best done when numerous steps have been taken prior. These steps include sound contracts, terms and clear expectations...


Technology Advisor

Does Business Intelligence Matter?

Sam Edens

Most agencies have data scattered amid many different systems. The standard setup likely includes some combination of the collection software, a sales or CRM system, an accounting system, a payment...


Compliance Advisor

Dispute Management: New Advice from the CFPB

Debra J. Ciskey

Handling disputes is a necessary function in any collection agency. Those of us who are data furnishers to credit reporting agencies have additional responsibilities related to dispute handling. Let’s look...


Skip Tracing Advisor

Expert Skip Tracing Sources on the Invisible Web

Ron Brown

This will be our fifth series related to what is commonly referred to as the “invisible web.” As I previously stated and emphasize, these sites are certainly not your beginner...


Benchmark Advisor

The Start of a New Chapter

Harry A. Strausser III

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was licking stamps and stuffing envelopes with collection notices in my family’s firm as a kid. I would work at a corner desk...


Legal Collection Advisor

Out Top 6 Compliance Christmas Wish List Items

Fred N. Blitt

Over the past five years there has been much negative publicity and regulation in the debt collection space regarding credit cards (and other consumer debts). Frankly, it seems there is...


Collection Industry Advisor

How Technology of Tomorrow Can Help You Thrive Today

Nick Jarman

Each day it gets tougher than the next to get a consumer on the phone, establish a right-party contact and ultimately collect their outstanding debt. We currently live in a...


Software Spotlight

Mistakes You Can Avoid in Collection Software

Joshua Fluegel

Mid-Range Collection Software Roundtable Have you ever seen someone conducting business you know is a mistake? Better yet, have you ever made a costly mistake from which you wish someone had...